Most experts would agree that a healthy sexual relationship is an important part of marital happiness. There is, however, an epidemic of low sexual desire among married couples in contemporary American society. Increasingly, men are experiencing this problem although women continue to suffer from it as well. The origin of low sexual desire and other sexual problems such as E.D. and Anorgasmia stem from a variety of emotional, behavioral and interpersonal causes (after ruling out medical causes).

While it would seem that one’s spouse would be a safe person with whom to discuss sexual issues, this is simply not the case. Fear of rejection, shame and negative communication patterns account for the reluctance couples experience in talking with each other about their own sexual problems.

Dr. Alexander provides couples with a safe environment in which they can candidly discuss their sexual concerns. He provides specific exercises and solutions to help couples achieve healthier sexual function. He recommends the following books as adjuncts to his treatment:

  • The Sex Starved Marriage by Michelle Weiner-Davis
  • Hot Monogomy by Pat Love
  • The Guide to Getting It On by Paul Joannides