“We would be remiss if we did not tell you how much you have changed our lives – and, as a result, our children’s lives – because we are in a much better place – better than we havebeen in, dare I say, 7 + years. I do not know how to thank you.”

 – KP, former couple therapy client


“Dr. Matthew Alexander is one of the top experts in the field of couple therapy. In addition to being an excellent clinician, Dr. Alexander is an author and musician. His clinical experience blended with his creative teaching approaches make his workshops a rare treat for anyone looking for depth of content and a fun learning experience.”

 – Dr. Bryan E. Robinson, marriage therapist and author of “Chained to the Desk” and 25 other self-help books.”

Alexander’s work was first published in Family Medicine where he coined the term ‘cinemeducation’…this edited book is a huge advance and expansion of his previous work and a tremendous resource for medical educators.”

 – Dr. Thomas L. Campbell, Foreword to “Cinemeducation: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Film in Medical Education”

Dr. Alexander’s talks have brought the biggest audiences we have had. Dr. Alexander is passionate about what he does and engages and informs an audience using intellect and compassion. Dr. Alexander treats every participant as an individual and they really come away with new tools to use in their specific lives.”

 – LS, Program Coordinator

“I’ve been to several counselors in my time, both for personal reasons and for my marriage. They all
have slightly different strengths and weaknesses, and unfortunately an advanced college degree doesn’t always translate into the ability to apply that knowledge in any significant way. All of that said, Dr. Alexander is a great counselor. He’s smart, gentle and suggests things that actually work. Plus you can have an intelligent conversation with him. He’s easy to connect with. I think Dr. Alexander would be good for just about anyone. He has helped me immensely.”

– CS, former psychotherapy client

You are helping us. You don’t just tell us what the problem is, you give us exercises that teach us how to solve it

-SD, former couple therapy client

“I just wanted to say thanks for the help you provided me in Charlotte. L. and I just had a baby boy. He is 11 weeks old as I write this. You really benefited me at a tough time in my life. I only wish you were in Memphis. L. and I are very happy with the new addition and the continuation in our relationship.”

BT, former psychotherapy client

“Thank you for all you have done for my husband, myself and my family. I know now that unless you
examine things, they don’t have the ability to change! I think we have some new skills that we will use to keep our marriage happy and intact. Thank you for listening and being there to reflect a positive light.”

– RM, former psychotherapy client

“Dr. Alexander is a really good guy. He’s very thorough, is well-educated and really knows his stuff. I am still using him.”

– CB, present psychotherapy client

“We saw Dr. Alexander for multiple weekly and biweekly sessions for an hour each. Probably 25-30
sessions overall. Didn’t feel pressured to keep coming back either – he was happy to declare us cured
versus creating a dependency.”

– AM, former couple therapy client

“Thank you so much for helping S. and me. I will always remember your kindness, generosity and
insights that helped us strengthen our marriage.”

– WI, former couple therapy client

“You should know you really, really helped me and I always appreciated your style and substance. Thank you for all you did for me. I remember one time I asked you how I would begin to feel better and you said ‘time.’ You were so right. You were a huge help, supporter and encouraged me during a very tough time. Thanks!

– DM, former psychotherapy client

I want to share with you that I was speaking with a client of mine today about the nature of financial consulting I do with couples which caused her to tell me how great a counselor you are in that regard. She was really singing your praises. I thought I would relay her compliments to you because I know it is nice to hear the positives from your clients”

-GO, personal correspondence from Financial Advisor

“Thank you for saving my life. I tell everybody that will listen that I am doing better.”

BT, former psychotherapy client

“Great personality, fun, very bright”

SW, Seminar participant

“Wonderful! Thank you for the practical tools and sharing all you’ve learned”

AP, Seminar Participant

Dr. Alexander’s lecture was awesome.

 – YS, Davidson College Student

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful speech… the topics you covered were perfect!

 – JC, Financial Advisor

“Thank you for your presentation.  Comments from our participants included:  ‘Terrific’; ‘Wonderful’; ‘Great’; ‘Needs More Time’; ‘Should speak at all YMCA’s and Health Centers.’ “

 – DG, Program Coordinator

“Very moving! Great job! I enjoyed your presentation immensely.”

 – BG, Social Worker

“I was so impressed and moved by your talk… which was strong because of your use of your personal story.”

 – CH, Pastoral Care Professor

“Many thanks for the superb presentation at our noon conference…I was thoroughly educated and entertained.”

 – RB, Internal Medicine Residency Director