Matthew Alexander, Ph.D, M.A.

“It is often said that no two people are alike. With more than forty years of psychotherapeutic experience, I know that no two problems are alike. I believe that successful therapy depends on the ability to tailor therapeutic solutions to each unique situation. My goal is to apply my clinical expertise with sensitivity and compassion to help clients and couples achieve real change in their lives.”

Dr. Alexander currently offers individual, marital, and family therapies.

Dr. Alexander is the author of a manual for couples entitled Five Marital Conflicts and How to Resolve Them: The Guide to Getting Along as well as multiple articles on couple counseling which have appeared in such professional journals as the American Family Physician and the International Journal of Psychiatry. His most recent article on infidelity was published in the Journal of Family Practice. Dr. Alexander is also a highly sought after public speaker and trainer of health care professionals. He recently gave an address to the Mecklenburg Psychological Association on “The Use of Metaphor. Story and Paradox” in couple and individual therapy.