Couples that come for pre-marital counseling are making one of the best investments possible in their long term happiness.  Relationship issues are always easiest to deal with in the beginning of relationships when positive feelings are high.  Potential sources of conflict and productive ways of handling them can be identified at this time before they become more intractable.  Areas of compatibility can also be validated and strengthened.

Dr. Alexander uses several psychological instruments to help couples achieve maximal results from their pre-marital counseling, most notably the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and The View Sharing Inventory.  These instruments allow him to clarify with each couple their personality similarities and differences, communication styles and values.

A discussion of each member’s family of origin allows couples to better understand each other’s vulnerabilities and expectations about marriage.  Concrete issues concerning in-laws, wedding planning, finances and sexuality can also be addressed at this time.

Pre-marital counseling typically occurs
over 8-12 sessions.